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    Select all that Apply: AberfieldBadger Face Welsh MountainBalwen Welsh MountainBeltexBritish BerrichonBeulah Speckled FaceBlack Welsh MountainBlackfaceBleu Du MaineBlue TexelBluefaced LeicesterBorder LeicesterBorerayBrecknock Hill CheviotBritish Milk SheepCambridgeCastlemilk MooritCharmoise HillCharollaisCheviotClun ForestCotswoldDalesbredDerbyshire GritstoneDevon & Cornwall LongwoolDevon ClosewoolDorperDorset DownDorset Horn & Poll DorsetDutch Spotted SheepEasy CareEpynt Hardy Speckled FaceExlanaExmoor HornFriesland (British Friesland)Gotland (British Gotland)Hampshire DownHebrideanHerdwickHill RadnorIle De FranceJacobKerry HillLiandovery WhitefaceLianwenogLieynLonkManx LoaghtonMashamMeatlincNelson South Wales MountainNorfolk HornNorth Country CheviotNorth of England MuleOxford DownRomneyRouge de L’ouest (British Rouge)Rough FellRoussin (British Roussin)RyelandScotch MuleShetlandShropshireSoaySouthdownSuffolkSwaledaleTalybont WelshTeeswaterTexelValais BlacknoseVendeen (British Vendeen)Welsh HalfbreedWelsh Hill Speckled FaceWelsh Mountain-Hill FlockWelsh Mountain-PedigreeWelsh MuleWensleydaleWhite Face DartmoorWhitefaced WoodlandWiltshire HornZwartbles
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