April 20, 2020

Such clear sunny skies, a gentle breeze to help dry the fields and the abundance of new life being turned out onto the Spring grass. Farmers are working tirelessly up and down the country with groundwork for cropping, as well as calving and lambing taking centre stage. This seems a million miles away from the current grim reality of the Covid-19 Epidemic, social distancing and self-isolation which is all around us at the moment. As a primary industry though, it fills me with immense pride that we are all out doing our bit and contributing to feeding our nation through these tough times. Let’s hope that heads have been turned, and once we come through the other side of this terrible pandemic, that more support and encouragement will be provided to our sector by both Government and Consumers!

It’s felt like a very long winter, and this past few weeks of drying weather has been long overdue! We started calving in late February and are now down to the last few. All the cattle were brought indoor just before the turn of the year due to very wet conditions and terrible field poaching. It’s always such a fantastic feeling to start turning them out again to dry clean fields. It also frees up a lot more time to concentrate on other tasks such as fencing, drainage and groundwork.

We would usually be doing some work on our show team of cattle for the Summer season, but with this being cancelled, we are taking the opportunity to concentrate on infrastructure and land improvements. As we can’t go too far at present, it seems like the perfect time to crack on with this mammoth list of jobs!

Let’s all stay safe and look to the future, focusing on the good work our Health Care, Primary Industries and Communities have done in the frontline battle against one of the biggest challenges of our generation.

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