Member / Business Name: Messrs Watt
Breed: Aberdeen Angus
Sex: Bull
Animal Name: Swordale Kingpin V279
Tag: UK502812 300279
Date of Birth: 19/02/19
Semen Tested: No
In-Calf: N/A

Link to Pedigree: http://abri.une.edu.au/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=3E37202F&2=2420&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=275D5A5B2326252324&9=5B5E5F5D

Link to EBV: http://abri.une.edu.au/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=3E37202F&2=242D&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=275D5A5B2326252324&10=0F0A010D3A3

Vaccinations: BVD (Bovela) on 26/05/20 / IBR (Bovilis Inactive Marker) on 02/10/20
Medications: Tribex & Animec on 30/10/20 – Spottinor on 27/12/20
Farm Health Scheme: Hi-Health Herd Care – Biobest
Herd Health Status: Elite Health Status – Full Accredited for BVD, IBR & Leptospirosis, Johnes Level 1

TB Area: TB 4

Farm County: Sutherland
Telephone Number: 07967997467

Delivery: Within 50 Miles
Description: Kingpin is in the top 1% for Milk, Terminal & Self Replacing Index with huge growth figures to match. This is a big, long bull and the highest weaning and 400 day weights from the 2019 crop of calves. He has been successfully used on some pedigree females last Summer and would be one of the most correct bulls we have bred to date.

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